Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine has undergone substantial changes in recent years. Increasing insurance costs, absenteeism, workplace drug use, and Federal compliance have dramatically influenced how employers deal with occupational health issues. Medically-FIT works in partnership with employers and their insurers to deal with the prevention & treatment of diseases and injuries that occur at work or in specific occupations.

Business owners and H.R. professionals face enormous challenges in maintaining workplace safety, compliance and continuity.  The absence of a comprehensive program aimed at prevention and ongoing workplace health can increase cost, liability, and lost productivity. A Medically-FIT consultation can help lower costs; prevent avoidable liability; and enhance employee job matching & job design.

Working at Computer photoOur comprehensive services can enhance productivity, reduce liability, and provide business owners and H.R. professionals with greater peace of mind.

Medically-FIT provides the testing and ongoing care that businesses and their insurers need.

An initial site evaluation allows Medically-FIT professionals to evaluate options and construct a safe, affordable Health & Wellness Plan.

CDL Exams performed by an occupational medicine physician familiar with DOT regulations and CDL requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Tests performed by certified collectors.

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