Medical Director Services

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Medically-FIT brings over 20 years of Occupational Medicine experience working with OSHA, DOT, and other Federal & State regulatory agencies to help employers plan and execute workplace compliance & regular monitoring of employee health.


Medically-FIT’s comprehensive services affords your company two distinct advantages:

  1. Same Day and Walk-In Services — facilitating more timely communication with employers & a faster return to work.
  2. Knowledge of the workplace and employee’s job responsibilities — to help determine the amount & level of work an employee can handle.

Follow-up evaluations are also coordinated by Medically-FIT’s staff, providing you appropriate referrals to specialists, ongoing evaluation of treatment progress, and updates of the employee’s improving capabilities.


Dr. Gianni is skilled at performing on-site job design assessments. These reviews of the workplace, specific jobs, and detailed job descriptions help us work together to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries. Medically-FIT S.A.F.E. On-Site Services assures compliance with all Federal, State and Local (company) regulations:

Safety Assessments: including ergonomic recommendations.

Accountability Consulting: including ADA, OSHA, and Federal DOT regulations, surveillance, and physical exams.

Fitness-for-Duty Testing: including Pot-Offer Testing, Drug and Work Suitability Tests,  and ADA compliance assessments.

Evaluation of conditions or working patterns that can affect particular medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, and other chronic diseases impacted by environmental factors.

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