Disability Evaluations

Unknown3Disability Evaluations: Veterans

Dr. Gianni is trained to perform Veteran Administration-specific Disability Evaluations, utilizing the physical examination criteria set forth by the Veterans Administration and the required Veterans Administration DBQ forms for reporting her findings to the VA.

Medically-FIT will work through any government-contracted Third Party to perform service-related Disability Exams for new and established disability claims.

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Unknown1Disability Evaluations: SSA

Medically-FIT understands the unique principles of Social Security disability evaluation and can save valuable time by submitting a complete and thorough SSA disability report.

Patients claiming disability benefits depend on their doctors to provide the evidence that proves to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that they are legally disabled. SSA can be hard to convince; it denies two-thirds of claims in the initial decision. Failing to prove disability at the initial decision level has serious ramifications. Unsuccessful claimants appeal and wait months or years for the money and health care benefits they paid for and need. Doctors receive repeated requests for information from SSA.

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