Behavioral Fitness-for-Duty

4848.CLIPART_OF_87116_SMJPG_thumb_60BA4FE1Medically-FIT provides a range of services designed to help decision-makers ensure that a worker can safely perform his job.

Consider a behavioral assessment, for example, for a worker who displays signs of aggression in the workplace; for a worker who is showing objective signs of a drug or alcohol problem; or for a worker whose behavior and appearance have suddenly and remarkably changed for the worse.

Medically-FIT works in conjunction with behavioral health specialists to determine if performance or behavioral issues in the workplace have a medical basis.

If the results of the evaluation warrant, we can help your worker obtain further evaluation and appropriate treatment, with the goal of returning him or her to the job.

We offer:

  • Entry-Level Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Behavioral Evaluations
  • Special Duty Assignment Evaluations